Sunday, May 13, 2007

BMX Stunts

It was really great to see the competition of BMX stunts. It was held in Rajamangala National Stadium by Extreme Sports Association of Thailand. You may want to watch those videos.

BMX Stunt BMX Stunt 2

Here is a video of dancing girls which was also there.

Thai Girls Dance 2

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Songkran 2007 in Bangkok

There were crowded with many people around the area of Sanam Luang and Khaosan Road during the Songkran water festival 2007. Here you can watch the videos by clicking on thumbnails.




Friday, April 06, 2007

Motor Show 2007 Bangkok, Thailand

Below are the videos for Motor Show 2007 Bangkok.

Motor_Show_2007_Intro Motor_Show_2007_Intro_2

Motor_Show_2007_Dunlop_Dancing_Girls Motor_Show_2007_Mercedes-Benz_1

Motor_Show_2007_Mercedes-Benz_2 Motor_Show_2007_Xtra-Cole_Dancing_Girls

Motor_Show_2007_Mitsubishi_Girls Motor_Show_2007_Mitsubishi_Girls_2

Motor_Show_2007_Honda_Ford Motor_Show_2007_Lexus

Motor_Show_2007_Mazda_Kia Motor_Show_2007_Kawasaki_Dancing_Girls

Motor_Show_2007_Toyota_BMW_Isuzu Motor_Show_2007_Volvo_Nissan